Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CLOSER - Lyrics

This song is fun. Well, at least it is if you're reborn. It's a good reminder that the old man is someday, if at all, just going to be a memory. Sometimes, even now, I forget that my life is short. When that happens I may inadvertently break into a rendition of "my wife is short." Yes she is .... and tremendously cute too! Amazing considering she died first. Actually, after seeing how beautiful she became, I was glad I went after someone that had already died. My fondest wish for everyone though is to die now and be reborn, rather than to die later without that chance to really be alive. May God draw you into a life freely given and may you thumb your nose at the devil instead of Him.


Verse 1:

Life is short or so it would seem
Yes, people tell me all of the time
The days slip away and the seasons will pass
And the years parade across my mind
Yeah time doesn’t stand still for anyone I know
We’re still wondering where it did go
And life with a slap says as a matter of fact
You’re just getting old 


I’m not getting older
I’m just getting closer
I’m not getting older
I’m just getting closer 

Verse 2:

Now I’m not saying that my time should stand still
Or I can stop a tick of the clock
But life can be anew with a simple change of view
Not of me, not of you, but the One who made it true
Just had to die to be made alive
Reborn and taking on a new form
Of the One who conquered death and rose from the grave
Of the One who’s come to take me away 

Repeat Chorus: 


My life is short
                        No no no no no
Your life is short
                        Ya yeah yeah yeah yeah
My life is short
                        No no no no no
My life is too too too short 


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