Friday, November 11, 2011

If [I'll Fly Away] ..... another song

Amazingly enough this two letter word appears in most Bible translations over 1500 times. Our God is a covenant God. Although, it is God at work through us, with us being the vehicle He chooses, we still in His wisdom are allowed a part in His glorious work to be a reliable and trustworthy vehicle if...

           IF   [I’LL FLY AWAY]          

If you believe, if you receive, you’ll fly away 

Verse 1:

If a hand or a foot or a wandering eye                                    Matthew 5:28-30
Dooms a man, from the start, before he dies                          Mark 9:43-45
If an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth                             Matthew 5:38-41
In your heart, in your mind, you know it’s true 

Chorus 1:

If you believe, you can cast it away
If you walk that extra mile
If you forgive, you’ll be white as snow                                  Isaiah 1:18
If you bow, you’ll be flying away 

Verse 2:

If a man claims this world for his home                                 Matthew 16:26
If we tear a child from his mother’s womb                            Psalm 139:13-16
If the poor have need we choose to ignore                             Matthew 25:34-46
In His eyes are we really known?                                            

Chorus 2:

If you could lay down your life today                                    John 15:13 - Matthew 13:38
To be last, to be first someday                                                Matthew 19:30
If God’s Holy Word you never change                                  Revelation 22:19
You’ll rise up and fly away 

You’ll fly away
You’ll really really fly 


Oh no, It’s not a race if there’s no finish line
Oh no, where’s the prize if we can’t endure this time            Mark 13:13
Pick up your cross and follow me                                           Matthew 10:38
Oooo pick up your cross and you’ll be free 

Repeat Chorus 1: 

Verse 3:

Hmm, I’ll cast my bread upon the waters                               Ecclesiastes 11:1
Hmm, Ask and find what really matters                                 Matthew 7:7
Hmm, Gonna seek and find
Hmm, Gonna leave, leave it all behind 

Repeat Chorus 2: 

I’ll fly away                                                    Written by: Gordon Bieber
Fly away                                                           6-12-2011
I’ll fly away
So fly home

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