Thursday, January 26, 2017


The election is over and the fun has begun. From the reaction of the left, you would have thought we elected Lincoln and were going to take away their slaves again. Assassination threats, along with a little prodding from our friends at cnn, rioting and destruction of peoples property [ I wonder if they cared if the property destroyed was right or left-wing],and our ever so popular "women's rights" marches [remember it's their body, just not the one they're aborting]. It really makes me wonder how they could possibly think I'd be interested in paying for their terminating the life of their child for convenience sake [Remember now I didn't call it murder].

Tolerance is now being shown in a whole new light, and of course we're still the intolerant ones. I really tried to resist the temptation to vent because I realize there are less than polite people on both sides and this usually devolves into a contest of who has the basest contingency of mouth molestation. Personally, I think the end justifies the means crowd is winning hands down, although  I hope not to be tipping the scales back the other way. Still, I like many others, feel like a response will not put us into the sights of the IRS again with their unexplained tax charges prior to fine time, with no time to resist. I could go on about that for awhile, but I won't [Just don't let the tea party list your blog sight ,actually it was my wife's].

To understand their thinking process, you have to acknowledge the base from which their philosophy
birthed. For a large percentage or not, it comes from a materialistic world view. "If there is no God," people live and die and that's the end of it, so live in a manner that's expedient to the greater good. The greater good for who, is my question. Surely not for the unwanted unborn child. Their solution is to call the child not "viable" via the court system much the same way Hitler used the German court to pronounce Jews as non human. You make it right in your own eyes because you determined that morality is based on popular opinion, and all the while acknowledging how necessary it is for the collective welfare. This is the reasoning that gives them their high ground for forcing our part in funding abortion via our tax dollars. The end once again justifies the means. The baby's are still dead though, millions upon millions. The good news is that some are accounted as murdered in their eyes, but only if they were wanted. Vengeance can be had if the circumstances are right. If a mother is pregnant and attacked then the fetus [child] miraculously becomes viable if it dies, especially if the mother dies also. Now we can use the word "murder". Now it's an outrage. I know I'm spending a lot of space on the abortion issue, but it's demonstrative in an overly apparent manner of clarity. Christians aren't afforded the flexibility of a floating crap table of morality. Life is sacred. The effectiveness of prevention for pregnancy comes merely from restraint and true planned parenthood. Failure to restrain oneself involves consequences that do not include victimizing the only innocent party, the child, or as what is biblically defined as "innocent blood." If the Christians are right and their is a righteous creator God that is just, then the outcome for the unrepentant may well be much the same as for the German war criminals as they were judged for the extermination of the Jews.            

  In summary, I know their are many professing Christians that have fallen into a position of supporting many, not all, of these socialist agendas out of a concern for the collective, which is unavoidable to an extent. But the societal conditioners or purveyors of this philosophy are rooted in the atheistic belief system through a Marxist system of gradualism over the last 100 years. They can easily justify and construe an argument for abortion by the mere fact that it's the pragmatic thing to do for the good of the world and of course the economic security of the woman about to be inconvenienced, and to do so in a seemingly sound manner if we are a non eternal being. To the Christian, who believes we are eternal, this will not do. There is the matter of treating life as sacred and therefore eternal while still not neglecting the good of society. And, there's the rub. To fulfill that obligation to a God and Creator.we must believe that our behaviors align with God's will. The path divides at this juncture. For the left minded, Marx rightly concluded that Christianity is the enemy. There's a war going on whether you acknowledge it or not, or is it just the same old story with a new name, or are we just scratching the surface?

 Where'd I leave my pick?