Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fundamental .... another song

Having re-read "The Seduction of Christianity" and being totally perplexed by Casting Crowns statement in their concert video "You can be passionate about what you believe but don't strap yourself to the Gospel" I felt compelled to write this piece. The downslide of the church in this country, not to mention the adoption of numerous heresies packaged in Christian wrapping, and the astounding embracing of pagan philosophy demands a rebuttal. The fundamentals of Christianity are being attacked as never before. Adhering to the fundamentals, because of the continual barrage of propagandic slop fed to us from an amoral media indoctrinating machine, paints a portrait of us as extremely dangerous, psychotic fanatics. What I find fascinating is the church's enthusiasm in distancing themselves from that which at one time bonded the same together. There's little comfort for me in the fact that the Bible says this will happen. My heart cries out still for those blinded by the delusion.

To put this in perspective, try to picture the response of your average sports fanatic after the removal of the fundamentals of their favorite game. The game ceases to exist in any recognizable semblance. It's not extremely difficult to see then the point of the attacks against Christian fundamentals as seen in this light.

Verse 1:
Mr. preacher looked at me regarding not my plea, you’re rather narrow
Expanding this, your creed, I need to intercede just to spare you
You spin and you weave with your power to mislead
 But my feet are on the Rock and I won’t be caught

I’m fundamental

Yes I’m strapped to the Gospel not a walking contradiction
I know what I believe and it’s strictly non-fiction
I’m fundamental

Verse 2:
You can huff and you can puff, but you can’t bring down this house
With you’re deceiving
Open theists, open doors, many paths if you just ask
Why would you need it?
If you play you can win just forget about the sin
Salvation guaranteed, a foolish man’s dream

I’m  fundamental 


Narrow minded, accused a cynic, a raging fanatic
But the name that fits me best and the one that I Love best is fundamental

Verse 3:
Crucified, yes, He died, He was buried now He’s alive and I’m forgiven
Divine justice satisfied from the one and only Christ if you trust Him
I am the Way and the Truth and the Life He says
No one comes to the Father but by Me –

He’s fundamental 


Narrow minded, accused a cynic, a raging fanatic
Non-emergent, no buddha, no hindu, no making me a god
No replacement, preserved the word, the King James Version
No perverting, no faith in faith, just faith in god 

I’m fundamental

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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I like it - I'm fundamental!