Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mercy and Truth ...... another song

I heard a voice rising from the shadows           Proverbs 3:3 - Let not mercy and
Can't you hear, can't you see my pain               truth forsake thee: bind them about
The voice of fear with pleading malady            thy neck; write them on the table
A cry for mercy echoed thru the tears               of  thine heart.
Truth responds with mercy sure to follow       
His voice seeks all blinded by despair              Psalm 25:10 - All the paths of the
                                                                     Lord are mercy and truth unto such
But wait, your truth is hard to swallow             as keep His covenant and His
Considerations not dealt with properly             testimonies.
Changing tides causing me to follow
Accommodating, accordingly,                             Psalm 57:3 - He shall send from heaven
my reason tells me why                                    and save me from the reproach of Him
                                                                      that would swallow me up. Selah.
We see the truth with all it's implications          God shall send forth His mercy and truth.
Black and white, we see right thru your fall
With proper calling we kindly meddle
Possessing truth, we qualify after all               Psalm 61:7 He shall abide before God
                                                                    forever: O prepare mercy and truth
Mercy speaks; I suffer to recall                       which may preserve him.
Invitation proclaiming come one, come all
The door swings open to hear God's love call   Colossians 2:8 See to it that one takes you
And vain philosophies courting pride endless lust     captive through hollow and deceptive
Deceptive and hollow, taking captives; breaking trust    philosophy, which depends on
Broken lives, broken hearts turned to stone                    human tradition and the basic
Principles of this world will never take you home         principles of this world rather
                                                                                   than on Christ.
Teach me to pray, Truth and Mercy
No other way, Truth and Mercy
Teach me to pray, Truth and Mercy              Psalm 85:10 Mercy and truth are met
Humility would say                                       together; righteousness and peace
                                                                    have kissed each other.
Today is the day to put down that stone
Mercy's washing over finds a truth to be known
And love covers sin; opens a door to come home      Application: John 8:1-11
And we're closer,closer to home          
                                                                      Psalm 86:15 - But thou, O Lord, art a
And we're closer; Mercy take me home           God full of compassion, and gracious
Love, you took me home                              longsuffering, and plenteous in
Grace, you brought me home                       mercy and truth
Truth you took me home
                                                                Psalm:89:14 - Justice and judgement are
And we'll walk hand in hand                        the habitation of Thy throne:
And we'll walk hand in hand                        mercy and truth shall go before Thy face.
Let's walk hand in hand
Come walk hand in hand                           Psalm: 98:3 - He hath remembered His
                                                              mercy and truth toward the house
                                                              of Israel: all the ends of the earth
                                                              have seen the salvation of God.

Written with the Lord's help by Gordon Bieber
Cherrysweet Song and Word - June 2008

Scripture best defines the importance of "correctly dividing the Word of God" 2 Timothy 2: 15. In this song, the first two verse's are intended to show the Word out of balance. Separation of truth from mercy or mercy from truth are failed applications of scripture. As with all good things, undue elevation of virtue quickly spoils it's effectiveness rendering it nothing less than a pestilence from hell. There was a time when I would have found this extraordinarily harsh. I've lived too long now to take such a timid view regarding the misuse of scripture. I believe Neil [Eternity Matters] calls it "Dalmatian Theology", if anyone cares to check out what he has to say. But back to the song, God has mercy and truth in perfect balance, and that matters the most. Teach me to pray; Truth and Mercy.

P.S. I'm not just stuck on these two [mercy and truth]. I have trouble keeping my balance on others as well. My walk with the Lord, has at times, resembled that of a drunken sailor.

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