Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Good Example

People look at me like I'm crazy when I bring up THE Communist  AGENDA at work here in our beloved land of the fee. First, here's the list of goals presented to our cONGRESS in '63 to review at Conservative Refocus.  And here is one of the numerous and all to common examples at Right Angles.  They're not doing this secretly and yet the most common reaction is " Yeah, things are really changing man, BUT you really don't think it's a conspiracy do ya? Actually, I do. It's built upon Marx's technique of graaaadualism [It's the slow boil,  Kermit!]. There does come a point when it's too late to get out.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lemming Small Talk

I've been reading the paper again! I don't pay for that kind of aggravation but still subject myself to it at lunch time. I read a column [you're never going to believe this] demonizing the republicans for failing to fall in line with Obummers' health care and inability to control his spending habits. That in and of itself is normal enough. We all know the mantras. Why I subject myself to this would require some extensive self analysis, but I don't do the self thing very well.

Anyway, they've been trying to steal my goat for a while and they finally got it! So fair is fair. I know we've all heard the comparisons of sodomites with slaves .... I'm leaving that one alone. Now, it's slavery and health care. Did you know we were the last ones to abolish slavery and now we're the last ones to adopt commie care. It's shameful, to say the least, in the keen eyes of our ever so observant columnist. Still, hanging on to a semblance of rationality, I'm trying to understand the connection of granting freedom to a group of people and the compulsory [forced] enlistment to commie care under penalty of fine, loss of driving privilege, and lean on property and/or bank account. They always try to make an argument between the two [freedom and enslavement, choice and no choice], smile and wonder why we don't get it. They're right! I can't make my mind twist that way. In the case of slavery, the republican party, after the abolishing of slavery, passed twenty-three civil rights laws. The demoncrats spawned a wing of their own during the same period, the KKK. They were just as successful hanging 4800 republicans, that was the qualifier, with about a fourth being white. Yes folks, we had black congressmen, [former slaves] writing civil rights bills and the republican party passing them as quick as they hit the floor. Not to worry though .... It was enough to rally the demoncrat party and they repealed them all in 1896 when they regained the House, Senate, and the Presidency. This gives me pause to wonder????? Why can't we [the people] get anything repealed now! Anyway, they redeemed themselves when Johnson got Kennedy's civil rights bill that he borrowed from Eisenhower [republican] passed. Well, they could only get 44% of the democratic vote when they just needed a simple majority. Not to worry again, they used 7% of the republicans 83% to secure their place in history. Sorry, I'm rabbit trailing a little bit.

Actually, now that I caught my train of thought before I derailed and said something spiteful, I can better understand the similarities between slavery and abortion. You just simply persuade the court to nullify a person's personhood and reduce them to property to do with as you please and walla you have an indisputable tie between the two. It's the democratic way .... actually it's kind of habit with them democratic type of people, but .... it had it's upside, the creation of a small radical bunch of terrorists that formed a republican party that had the audacity to call slavery and abortion wrong. Actually, really, really wrong. Hitler tried it. He made Jews non-people and his loyal compatriots made the case at the Hindenburg trials that they were justified under the law. They hung them anyway. Still, they're making a better world for us despite our apprehensions that this path is leading where it always has in the past. We can, at least, be another bad example to exhibit to the world. We can become first once again if only by coming in last.

So, as the one lemming said to the other ................................................................................................

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Types of Government, Explained

This was, once upon a time, common knowledge in a far away land, now relegated to a state of mythical distortions and buried with all of it's companion virtues. Still, in the like manner of Christianity and her Saviour, Jesus, watch for the unexpected ressurection.