Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mercy and Truth ...... another song

I heard a voice rising from the shadows           Proverbs 3:3 - Let not mercy and
Can't you hear, can't you see my pain               truth forsake thee: bind them about
The voice of fear with pleading malady            thy neck; write them on the table
A cry for mercy echoed thru the tears               of  thine heart.
Truth responds with mercy sure to follow       
His voice seeks all blinded by despair              Psalm 25:10 - All the paths of the
                                                                     Lord are mercy and truth unto such
But wait, your truth is hard to swallow             as keep His covenant and His
Considerations not dealt with properly             testimonies.
Changing tides causing me to follow
Accommodating, accordingly,                             Psalm 57:3 - He shall send from heaven
my reason tells me why                                    and save me from the reproach of Him
                                                                      that would swallow me up. Selah.
We see the truth with all it's implications          God shall send forth His mercy and truth.
Black and white, we see right thru your fall
With proper calling we kindly meddle
Possessing truth, we qualify after all               Psalm 61:7 He shall abide before God
                                                                    forever: O prepare mercy and truth
Mercy speaks; I suffer to recall                       which may preserve him.
Invitation proclaiming come one, come all
The door swings open to hear God's love call   Colossians 2:8 See to it that one takes you
And vain philosophies courting pride endless lust     captive through hollow and deceptive
Deceptive and hollow, taking captives; breaking trust    philosophy, which depends on
Broken lives, broken hearts turned to stone                    human tradition and the basic
Principles of this world will never take you home         principles of this world rather
                                                                                   than on Christ.
Teach me to pray, Truth and Mercy
No other way, Truth and Mercy
Teach me to pray, Truth and Mercy              Psalm 85:10 Mercy and truth are met
Humility would say                                       together; righteousness and peace
                                                                    have kissed each other.
Today is the day to put down that stone
Mercy's washing over finds a truth to be known
And love covers sin; opens a door to come home      Application: John 8:1-11
And we're closer,closer to home          
                                                                      Psalm 86:15 - But thou, O Lord, art a
And we're closer; Mercy take me home           God full of compassion, and gracious
Love, you took me home                              longsuffering, and plenteous in
Grace, you brought me home                       mercy and truth
Truth you took me home
                                                                Psalm:89:14 - Justice and judgement are
And we'll walk hand in hand                        the habitation of Thy throne:
And we'll walk hand in hand                        mercy and truth shall go before Thy face.
Let's walk hand in hand
Come walk hand in hand                           Psalm: 98:3 - He hath remembered His
                                                              mercy and truth toward the house
                                                              of Israel: all the ends of the earth
                                                              have seen the salvation of God.

Written with the Lord's help by Gordon Bieber
Cherrysweet Song and Word - June 2008

Scripture best defines the importance of "correctly dividing the Word of God" 2 Timothy 2: 15. In this song, the first two verse's are intended to show the Word out of balance. Separation of truth from mercy or mercy from truth are failed applications of scripture. As with all good things, undue elevation of virtue quickly spoils it's effectiveness rendering it nothing less than a pestilence from hell. There was a time when I would have found this extraordinarily harsh. I've lived too long now to take such a timid view regarding the misuse of scripture. I believe Neil [Eternity Matters] calls it "Dalmatian Theology", if anyone cares to check out what he has to say. But back to the song, God has mercy and truth in perfect balance, and that matters the most. Teach me to pray; Truth and Mercy.

P.S. I'm not just stuck on these two [mercy and truth]. I have trouble keeping my balance on others as well. My walk with the Lord, has at times, resembled that of a drunken sailor.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fundamental .... another song

Having re-read "The Seduction of Christianity" and being totally perplexed by Casting Crowns statement in their concert video "You can be passionate about what you believe but don't strap yourself to the Gospel" I felt compelled to write this piece. The downslide of the church in this country, not to mention the adoption of numerous heresies packaged in Christian wrapping, and the astounding embracing of pagan philosophy demands a rebuttal. The fundamentals of Christianity are being attacked as never before. Adhering to the fundamentals, because of the continual barrage of propagandic slop fed to us from an amoral media indoctrinating machine, paints a portrait of us as extremely dangerous, psychotic fanatics. What I find fascinating is the church's enthusiasm in distancing themselves from that which at one time bonded the same together. There's little comfort for me in the fact that the Bible says this will happen. My heart cries out still for those blinded by the delusion.

To put this in perspective, try to picture the response of your average sports fanatic after the removal of the fundamentals of their favorite game. The game ceases to exist in any recognizable semblance. It's not extremely difficult to see then the point of the attacks against Christian fundamentals as seen in this light.

Verse 1:
Mr. preacher looked at me regarding not my plea, you’re rather narrow
Expanding this, your creed, I need to intercede just to spare you
You spin and you weave with your power to mislead
 But my feet are on the Rock and I won’t be caught

I’m fundamental

Yes I’m strapped to the Gospel not a walking contradiction
I know what I believe and it’s strictly non-fiction
I’m fundamental

Verse 2:
You can huff and you can puff, but you can’t bring down this house
With you’re deceiving
Open theists, open doors, many paths if you just ask
Why would you need it?
If you play you can win just forget about the sin
Salvation guaranteed, a foolish man’s dream

I’m  fundamental 


Narrow minded, accused a cynic, a raging fanatic
But the name that fits me best and the one that I Love best is fundamental

Verse 3:
Crucified, yes, He died, He was buried now He’s alive and I’m forgiven
Divine justice satisfied from the one and only Christ if you trust Him
I am the Way and the Truth and the Life He says
No one comes to the Father but by Me –

He’s fundamental 


Narrow minded, accused a cynic, a raging fanatic
Non-emergent, no buddha, no hindu, no making me a god
No replacement, preserved the word, the King James Version
No perverting, no faith in faith, just faith in god 

I’m fundamental

Friday, November 11, 2011

If [I'll Fly Away] ..... another song

Amazingly enough this two letter word appears in most Bible translations over 1500 times. Our God is a covenant God. Although, it is God at work through us, with us being the vehicle He chooses, we still in His wisdom are allowed a part in His glorious work to be a reliable and trustworthy vehicle if...

           IF   [I’LL FLY AWAY]          

If you believe, if you receive, you’ll fly away 

Verse 1:

If a hand or a foot or a wandering eye                                    Matthew 5:28-30
Dooms a man, from the start, before he dies                          Mark 9:43-45
If an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth                             Matthew 5:38-41
In your heart, in your mind, you know it’s true 

Chorus 1:

If you believe, you can cast it away
If you walk that extra mile
If you forgive, you’ll be white as snow                                  Isaiah 1:18
If you bow, you’ll be flying away 

Verse 2:

If a man claims this world for his home                                 Matthew 16:26
If we tear a child from his mother’s womb                            Psalm 139:13-16
If the poor have need we choose to ignore                             Matthew 25:34-46
In His eyes are we really known?                                            

Chorus 2:

If you could lay down your life today                                    John 15:13 - Matthew 13:38
To be last, to be first someday                                                Matthew 19:30
If God’s Holy Word you never change                                  Revelation 22:19
You’ll rise up and fly away 

You’ll fly away
You’ll really really fly 


Oh no, It’s not a race if there’s no finish line
Oh no, where’s the prize if we can’t endure this time            Mark 13:13
Pick up your cross and follow me                                           Matthew 10:38
Oooo pick up your cross and you’ll be free 

Repeat Chorus 1: 

Verse 3:

Hmm, I’ll cast my bread upon the waters                               Ecclesiastes 11:1
Hmm, Ask and find what really matters                                 Matthew 7:7
Hmm, Gonna seek and find
Hmm, Gonna leave, leave it all behind 

Repeat Chorus 2: 

I’ll fly away                                                    Written by: Gordon Bieber
Fly away                                                           6-12-2011
I’ll fly away
So fly home

House Foreclosure...?

I love having houseguests, mostly. But sometimes it can gradually turn into a nightmare. I mean, well just imagine, having graciously opened your doors to someone in need of a home. I know that’s unusual in and of itself, but it is a biblical mandate of sorts, and a generosity displayed in splendid proportions. Imagine all the people living in a house of love, with everyone taking all those special steps to accommodate one another, considerate, understanding, kind, and above all, grateful. It could work, we all agreed, because we had our special House Rules, so special that we posted them throughout the house in the most prominent of places.  

My how we grew and thrived! Of course in time the house, due to the increasing number of houseguests, needed to be added onto and re-modeled so as to accommodate our increasing needs. Indeed, this was a challenging endeavor to say the least, but the plans were drawn and carried out, though not without much consideration. I must say at this point, to be completely honest, that there was a degree of trepidation on the part of some as to ability of the house rules to encompass and anticipate the situations arising from this undertaking. Thus, we were compelled to expand and elaborate on certain aspects of the house rules, strictly out of a belief that this was necessary to preserve the bonds of peace and tranquility in the house. After all, it’s impractical to believe that the house rules, as they were, could contend the differing views sure to arise. Yes, disagreements were inevitable and we needed to be assured of our readiness to meet them. I must say again, to be completely honest, to the surprise of us all, we were not at all prepared with the vastness of the contingencies that arose.  

Still, although I questioned the wisdom of having so many houseguests, I had confidence in the House Rules to allay any serious acts of misconduct among the houseguests that might arise. I’m afraid at this point, that I was not supported in this conviction by as many of the houseguests as I had hoped. Alas, more needed to be done in regard to explanation of the House Rules. Not one to be put off by the challenge, once again the finer points of the House Rules were expounded and then added upon, or should I say embedded into our vast document, so as, because of it's vastness, to prohibit the placing of such into the prominent places of the house. I guess, what I am getting at is that this was of little importance because of the more delicate and complex nature, not to mention the sensitivity involved in application of the House Rules. To be sure though, the need for examination delving into the finer points were most exceedingly and enthusiastically met by concerned houseguests.  

Much to my dismay the needs of the household became so overwhelming that the only possible solution was a set of house rules that could evolve with the ever-changing challenges that seemed to rock and threaten our tranquility. It goes without saying that certain of the houseguests arose to the occasion and we rested in the comfort of knowing they would be undaunted by this task. Indeed the house would be preserved. Okay, to be sure there was some give and take, which was understandable, but safeguards were put in place. I’m pretty sure we’re all right now. Even now things are being monitored, although I hope they’re watching things closely.  

I guess nothing can be simple, but in a way I miss seeing those old House Rules placed in their prominent places around the house. I must just be getting old and sentimental. Yes, things change I guess … Don’t they? It’s getting so hard to remember. Some of the houseguests say now that the old Rules were never really there at all. Still, I miss the old house. I miss inviting people to be houseguests, opening your home, becoming family. I’m afraid I don’t even recall who it was that first invited me, strange isn’t it, something I so loved to do. I wonder even now … who built the house, so strange. I wonder if he still lives here somewhere. So many rooms, still I’d like to meet him, talk to him, find out what he thinks. Oh well, I’m just thankful I’ve got such a splendid house to dwell in. They still say that it's the best in the neighborhood, and that makes me feel proud ... we've always been proud to be sure ... well for the most part. I guess we weren't always so good looking back though. We did some bad things they say, but nobody's perfect and we're exceedingly more attentive to our differences now and more graciously tolerant. Still, in a sad kind of way, I still miss the old days ... but I’m okay I guess.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What to Wright

It certainly is hard to say anything that hasn’t already been said and I don't ever see myself ever trying to keep up with all the intrigues of the day being perpetrated on an ever increasingly apathetic culture. I'll leave that to Glenn and Neil, both of whom I recommend and have links to at the top of my blog. I'm a musician and will focus and or utilize what little time I have on the computer to this end, which is my music. This still enables me plenty of room for discourse [the ability to get myself into trouble].

I have most recently re-recorded one of my newer songs entitled ..... 

"The Rock's Gonna Roll."

The lyrics are as follows:  

Verse 1:          Asleep at the wheel, racing toward the stop sign
A dream and a dreamer about to collide
The face of the real at the scene of the crime
Son, why this pleading? Couldn't you read the signs?

Chorus:           The Rock’s gonna roll, He’s coming
                        The roll’s gonna show just who He did know

Verse 2:          The wheat’s on the floor with the thresher
                        The chaff’s blown away with the wind
                        The sheep to the call of the shepherd
                        The goats on the outside looking in

Chorus:           The Rock's gonna roll, He's coming
                        The rolls's gonna show just who He did know

Bridge:            Ten virgins with lamps sit waiting
                        Five alive with a hope inside
                        Five alone with a dream that’s fading
                        Heavens falling as they cry

Chorus:           The Rock’s gonna roll, He’s coming
                        The roll’s gonna show just who He did know

Verse 3:          The cat’s in the cradle, sacred cow’s on the table
                       Getting served up one more time
                       Conversation’s intense while the time is being spent
                       And the beggar cries out one last time

Chorus:          The Rock’s gonna roll, He’s coming
                       The roll’s gonna show just who He did know 

Obviously, the song refers to the return of Jesus the Christ. Just as obvious is the fact of my belief regarding His return. When someone says He’ll die and return from the dead and then does it, it lends enough credibility, in my eyes, that He will do just that.

Verse one addresses the negligence of ignoring His command to be “living as if the time was ever present.” The two most common reasons for non-compliance are simply, disbelief and the arrogance accompanying belief in self-reliance, or time is somehow connected to my itinerary. Both are fatal. “Sorry I wasn’t ready,” or “Nobody told me, I didn’t have a chance,” are not going to carry the day. 

Verse two is about that day. Judgment will surely come, period.  The Bridge [Matthew 25:1-13] may cause a little more disagreement in interpretation.  

“Buy the truth and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.” Proverbs 23:23  

What to me seems apparent, especially in today’s church, is the wanton selling of Biblical truth for the gratification of some pastor’s appetite for an accommodating, culture friendly, times relevant demanding, ever changing need for re-creating and adding freshness to a dull out-dated gospel for a more tolerant, compliant, evolving and self fulfilling message to fill pews. "Verily I say unto you, I know you not."

 “ Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”  2 Timothy 3:5  

“Again the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.” Matthew 13: 44 

I believe that the gospel is not up for revision. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. A lamp not filled, isn’t of any more use than a half-truth. Neither will take you home. 

Verse three is in anticipation of the disagreement that may come with the Bridge. The spirit of anti-christ is busy [the cat’s in the cradle]. Discussion and scrutiny of scripture are absolutely vital. After all, every denomination has its sacred cow [sacred cow’s on the table getting served up one more time].  [Conversation’s intense] indeed, one must defend his cow to the end, [while the time is being spent] yes, time is ill retrievable and we are advised to use it advantageously [while the beggar --- Luke 16:20-31--- cries out one last time]. 

Well, there you have it. “Why not just write it all out in the first place?” “Why the vagueness associated with briefness imposed by lyrical boundaries?” Cuz, I’m a musician, [some sort of a genetic pre-disposition of sorts I think], and your mother should’ve warned you about us, so what are you doing reading this in the first place.