Sunday, August 26, 2012

Inductive Equality Inducement

It's not just because election time is rounding the bend and equality is such a great seller for our politicians that "equality" is tumbling around in my poor little mind. It's that it has been ingrained so deeply into the fabric of our collective national conscience. We demand it! We'll have it because it appeals to our sense of fairness. We're created equal! My question is "How so?" In what way can we possibly be equal as in, perhaps, the domain of reality? I think the question is fair as we are constantly under a barrage of rhetorical embellishments of life fulfilling eutopic conditions all consummated under the banner of "equality for all." Once again I would ask ... "How so?" ... and how do they suppose this can be done? ... And how would this make things better? 

It's obvious to me that "equality" is elusive to say the least. I don't possess the same aptitudes of anyone else I know. A persons station in life ... Isn't that somehow connected to aptitudes and abilities? Does a collective education drawn from standardized requirements solve the problem of dissimilar interests? Does being born into equal circumstances level the field, somehow, as to motivational inducement? I can't see that equality exists anywhere. As a Christian, I can't find it in the Bible or even as something that is to be sought after. As a church, a body of believers are all different, ... elders, teachers, exhorters, some less honorable [that's me ... sometimes I’m doing well just to be a poor example] on and on it goes. Still it's the big seller and we're somehow induced into the idea that all will be fine if we can just attain it. How so? 

Is it just me or are the ones pushing for equality really pushing for equality or are they pushing for crowd control ... or a more manageable herd. The equality under the law seems a bit elusive. Variable consequence dictated by perview of assessors of political correctness in the name of equality and fairness doesn't seem all that fair. To be equal would seem to be related to what standard of convictions one would have to hold or rather, at least, the convictions one had been assigned. The idealistic appeal of equality disappears into a mist of confusion when one ponders as to who dictates what one's convictions should be. Dictate seems to hold the key to this puzzle. One needs to have a dictator to dictate.  

Well, there you have it ... I've become transparent. I think all these politicians selling the "equality for all" are up to something sinister. "All things being equal" ... idealistic gas of the worst kind. Purity and perversion? truth relativized?, wrong and right?, sloth and industrious under the same roof? Equality doesn't reside there. Light and dark merge to produce gray for the sake of inductive equality? It produces questions for sure. Take a minute or two and reflect on the answers. We're born with unalienable rights for freedom and the pursuit of happiness that would all be negated by a society that ignores the possibilities that reside in God's unique gifting and precepts made for us as unique and varied as His creation. The "equality" that they sell is a promise of security in exchange for these God given opportunities based on ability, commitment, diligence, forbearance, and faith that yield their reward and harvest according to their merit and God's grace. It raises disturbing thoughts for those who have little interest in cultivating any of the aforementioned traits.  The ranks of those thus crippled by the lure of a free ride and guaranteed entitlements grows and empowers the corrupt who at the time of victory will just as quickly deem them a liability. But then, it's possible that at that time they're dreams of equality will be realized.

II Peter 2:19 "While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage."