Friday, March 25, 2011

About a Minute ---- ?

     Do you ever wonder why you bother reading letters to the editor in the paper? I 'm always amazed to find out what a hateful ignorant racist I am. It's surprising, considering I've yet to engage. I confess my sloth doth hinder my reluctance to response as does the more obvious absence of reasonable argument to contend with. Still, one should make attempts despite the seemingly abundance of evidence of a reprobate mind. I know that sounds extremely judgemental, but the vitriolic rhetoric spewed, devoid of any semblance of truth, or rational progression of thought, leans towards what I consider to be the saddest state of all confirmed with outstanding consistency.
     Today I read all about filthy republicans enraged by their inability to pass legislation to murder abortionists now responding with legislation to destroy womanhood. [I have to state right now that the her definition of womanhood would hardly be within a stones throw from mine.] It takes about a minute to see how stupid that is. Just kidding! It doesn't. What response could be presented that would draw any less blatant distortion or condemnation? None I suspect. Why would one respond except perhaps to draw more attention to the denigration of a mind inundated by a steady diet of  godless morally bereft liberal left wing drivel. I really think they're their own worst enemies. I doubt very much that I could make a better case for their moral degradation by anything more than to let them be their own billboard. The lady in question, in her attempt to defile anothers image, paints a far more revealing portrait of herself. I can conjure up little more than pity for her condition and her insistence of portraying it to the rest of the world.  I know I sound condescending ---- so here it comes --- a confession. I used to run around saying you can't legislate morality. I still can't believe anything that dumb ever came out  of my mouth but  I am after all, a lapsed liberal. Yes, It takes about a minute to see how stupid that is. Just kidding! It doesn't.
     I read another letter expounding a woman's right to choose, after all our country was founded on freedom of choice. It takes about a minute to see how stupid that is! Just kidding! It doesn't. I am by far not as well read as I should be, but in all the historical accounts that I have read, I've yet to find one based on everyones right to choose what they want to do. They always want to apply a precept such as "freedom of religion" one of many principles our country was founded on, and liberally misrepresenting it, likening it to butter or jelly smothering the bread beyond recognition. I have read enough of the founding fathers to say with confidence that you're not going to find one that would not be repulsed at the killing of the unborn let alone the the idea that they implied any inherent rights to do so. They did overwhelmingly adhere to the idea that freedom of choice was restricted by biblical scrutiny and biblical truth trumped man's law. You were free to do good, period, as the bible states. I realize they forget to teach that now, but omission doesn't change the reality of what was. Now I'm going to readily admit that while I would be opposed to a woman aborting her body I am adamantly opposed to her aborting someone elses body. I like to reason these things out. You start with a common sense test like the following.
      If a woman is raped, who should pay?
            1. The woman
            2. The taxpayer
            3. The rapist
            4. The baby
     If a couple has sexual relations outside of marriage resulting in pregnancy, who should pay?
            1. The couple
            2. The taxpayer
            3. The baby
     The baby is the obvious fiend and punishment should be quick. Surely, if the little fiend can't be pulled apart in the womb then the job can easily be finished outside of it quickly enough or not. Payment for his or her crime can be made by way of research or by way of ingredient in a multitude of useful products.
     It takes about a minute to see how sick this is! Just kidding! It doesn't.

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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

You must read the same paper I read!!!!