Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a great day!

     This is the day that the Lord has made … that the Lord has made … that the Lord ordained? You better believe it. I was surprised. He wasn’t. He gave this day to all of us and as for me I will praise and thank the Lord for it. Every day is special and every day is His despite the view from here, from our particular perspective. This is a comfort to me, a reassurance, and a cause for the hope He has provided for me in my weakness. 

     So, What makes me so gleefully optimistic today? I spent the day freezing on a street corner, holding my protest sign against abortion, and basically spitting into the wind. Ah! But I got to do it with a bunch of the sweetest pit bulls on the planet, whacked out weirdo’s that do more than sit on pews. People I had met for the first time, and I might add, delighted by my presence, oh! … And might I mention, a man I also have desired to meet for a long time. This guy can preach! He certainly surprised me with his depth and passion, not to mention his intelligence and ability to articulate. He has to be one of the most unpopular, unrelenting bulldogs of our day. Of course, there was no media presence and it didn’t matter. There was little hostility except for an occasional “California wave.” Like I said, we were spitting in the wind. I didn’t want to stop, though, and now we’re home and for the first time in a long time, I’m motivated. I’m more than convinced that apathy is a disease that is curable, and maybe it will be cured in my day.

     So … with whom was I standing on the street corner with, freezing my basoombas, and loving it? Alan Keyes. Yeah! This guy is trouble, he’s radical and over the edge, but … after listening to him, watching him, researching him, dissecting him without apology, I’m convinced of his genuineness and his integrity. He places himself under God’s scrutiny, and ours. Contrary to the ways of popular politics, principle reigns supreme, along with its origin. He is the John Quincy Adams of the day, unpopular yes, but rooted in the resolve of his beliefs and gratifyingly unaffected with the overwhelming opposition he faces. He shared one of his despairing moments with us. He told us that he once said … “God, you’re all I have. Wait, what did I just say? God, You’re all I have?” He says he was stricken at that moment with the absurdity of what comes out of our mouths. What more could we possibly need?

     It occurred to me then just how corrupted and obstructed our vision can be. He also spoke of the audacity in thinking that we can actually “save” anyone. God saves. The truth lies more in where we stand. I want to stand in the truth of God’s righteousness and in the surety of His word. I can do all things through Him. Actually, He allows me, as His child to hold His guiding and reassuring hand thru the days of my life.

     Yes, this is the day the Lord has made. Take hold of His hand and take a walk with Him!

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