Friday, November 11, 2011

House Foreclosure...?

I love having houseguests, mostly. But sometimes it can gradually turn into a nightmare. I mean, well just imagine, having graciously opened your doors to someone in need of a home. I know that’s unusual in and of itself, but it is a biblical mandate of sorts, and a generosity displayed in splendid proportions. Imagine all the people living in a house of love, with everyone taking all those special steps to accommodate one another, considerate, understanding, kind, and above all, grateful. It could work, we all agreed, because we had our special House Rules, so special that we posted them throughout the house in the most prominent of places.  

My how we grew and thrived! Of course in time the house, due to the increasing number of houseguests, needed to be added onto and re-modeled so as to accommodate our increasing needs. Indeed, this was a challenging endeavor to say the least, but the plans were drawn and carried out, though not without much consideration. I must say at this point, to be completely honest, that there was a degree of trepidation on the part of some as to ability of the house rules to encompass and anticipate the situations arising from this undertaking. Thus, we were compelled to expand and elaborate on certain aspects of the house rules, strictly out of a belief that this was necessary to preserve the bonds of peace and tranquility in the house. After all, it’s impractical to believe that the house rules, as they were, could contend the differing views sure to arise. Yes, disagreements were inevitable and we needed to be assured of our readiness to meet them. I must say again, to be completely honest, to the surprise of us all, we were not at all prepared with the vastness of the contingencies that arose.  

Still, although I questioned the wisdom of having so many houseguests, I had confidence in the House Rules to allay any serious acts of misconduct among the houseguests that might arise. I’m afraid at this point, that I was not supported in this conviction by as many of the houseguests as I had hoped. Alas, more needed to be done in regard to explanation of the House Rules. Not one to be put off by the challenge, once again the finer points of the House Rules were expounded and then added upon, or should I say embedded into our vast document, so as, because of it's vastness, to prohibit the placing of such into the prominent places of the house. I guess, what I am getting at is that this was of little importance because of the more delicate and complex nature, not to mention the sensitivity involved in application of the House Rules. To be sure though, the need for examination delving into the finer points were most exceedingly and enthusiastically met by concerned houseguests.  

Much to my dismay the needs of the household became so overwhelming that the only possible solution was a set of house rules that could evolve with the ever-changing challenges that seemed to rock and threaten our tranquility. It goes without saying that certain of the houseguests arose to the occasion and we rested in the comfort of knowing they would be undaunted by this task. Indeed the house would be preserved. Okay, to be sure there was some give and take, which was understandable, but safeguards were put in place. I’m pretty sure we’re all right now. Even now things are being monitored, although I hope they’re watching things closely.  

I guess nothing can be simple, but in a way I miss seeing those old House Rules placed in their prominent places around the house. I must just be getting old and sentimental. Yes, things change I guess … Don’t they? It’s getting so hard to remember. Some of the houseguests say now that the old Rules were never really there at all. Still, I miss the old house. I miss inviting people to be houseguests, opening your home, becoming family. I’m afraid I don’t even recall who it was that first invited me, strange isn’t it, something I so loved to do. I wonder even now … who built the house, so strange. I wonder if he still lives here somewhere. So many rooms, still I’d like to meet him, talk to him, find out what he thinks. Oh well, I’m just thankful I’ve got such a splendid house to dwell in. They still say that it's the best in the neighborhood, and that makes me feel proud ... we've always been proud to be sure ... well for the most part. I guess we weren't always so good looking back though. We did some bad things they say, but nobody's perfect and we're exceedingly more attentive to our differences now and more graciously tolerant. Still, in a sad kind of way, I still miss the old days ... but I’m okay I guess.

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