Thursday, February 23, 2017


"Out of many one!" This was a famous saying at one point in time in our history. That was the anchor of our inclusive diversity 200 years ago. Now it's twisted out of any reasonable semblance of what it was by today's culture. Today out of many equals none. It's not diversity if there's obligation or responsibility attached to it. Our ancestors were offered opportunity accompanied with allegiance to a republic and it's law. Nationalism was alive and well.  It's been reduced now to just entitlement without strings attached. The only opportunity desired is for benefit without obligation. As I watched the immigration debacle on the news I became distracted from what a new young lady was saying about her severe poverty by the braces she was wearing. Of course there's no begrudging on my part as far as her getting a treatment she needed. It is, as most of the left's remedial solutions to our societal problems, flip flopping way across the line of fair and unbiased treatment. Like affirmative action and hate crimes legislation, all that is accomplished is reverse racism and unfair bias transferred from one side to the other side. It buys a voting block but does nothing to preserve equal standing in collegiate competition or equality under the law. I listened to a young black man tell how he admittedly slid by in his study knowing he'd have the edge for being accepted into Yale because of his color. He was left with a sense of regret, and acknowledged that the unfair advantage only hurt him in the long run. Winning a race with unfair advantage certainly dampens and undermines any sense of accomplishment just as a court with two sets of penalty for the same crime is nothing more than an egregiously blemishing assault on our constitution. Immigration, a right instead of a privilege, stripped of a common consensus of allegiance to the law and our country, is a path to dis-unity not diversity despite the temporary advantage of a voting block. Opportunity, equal in all it's aspects reaps real reward, impacts real self esteem, and always trumps entitlement and the handing of a bigger stick to the guy on the other side. And contrary to popular belief the victims of these policies are the ones that thought they won. The end justifying the means, once again, becomes the cancer that destroys the soul, and sends us spiraling towards the gutter.

Just a sideline observation, but under Shariah law, equality, is only obtained by being Muslim, and the rest of us are on the outside. It's already making it's in roads into our courts. In a recent survey of the major Islamic nations, residents were asked just two questions. Would they like to see the caliphate restored and Shariah law imposed. 77% said yes. Why gay people support the unchecked immigration of Muslims boggles the mind. They have zero tolerance levels for that behavior. That 77% is mostly moderate. Do some homework. I highly recommend Dr.Mark Gabriel's book, Islam and Terrorism. He was able to quote the entire Quran by the age of twelve and acquired a PH.D. at Al-Azhar University in Cairo Eygpt and was a professor of Islamic History. Easy read and necessary resource for understanding the Islamic faith.

 For the record I'm not a muslim hater, just concerned about irreconcilable differences with our constitution and their Shariah law. I'm not against immigration. I'm pro-law, pro- republic not democracy as we've been duped into believing we are, a nationalist, and an American,still clinging to the belief of our founders that "Out Of Many,One" is still feasible and could be a reality again.

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