Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thomas Jefferson

     There seems to be some confusion on a piece of material Thomas Jefferson compiled. Actually, It was put together twice. It has been referred to as " Jefferson's bible" and has been twisted by both liberals and conservatives unfairly to suit their own objectives. First things first .... His reaction to this compilation of Jesus' sayings being referred to as "Jefferson's bible" would no doubt be responded to with a punch in the nose. Everyone knows of his rejection of the deity of Jesus later in his life, and the influence of the prevailing philosophy of the French, but [ we always forget about the buts ] his purpose was to introduce the teachings of Jesus to the Indians for the sake of enlightenment and the betterment of their lives. There is no evidence of his hostility towards the Bible and if he were living today, would surely be the ACLU's worst nightmare. It's prudent to remember that shortly after moving into the finished section of the capital, one of the first resolutions passed under his administration was to provide use of the building for church services. His personal recruiting of the military band to play for services, the passing of legislation using government monies for the evangelizing of the Indians, his continued presence at the services [ with a seat at the front ] in spite of prohibiting weather circumstances, and his fight in the Virginia legislature overturning the ineligibility of pastors serving in office all seem to uphold a conviction concerning, at the very least, the beneficial influence of Biblical teaching and God's providential covering upon a nation that fears the Lord. So why would a man compelled to excellence of character and honor, and as revealed by his writings, complete honesty, with doubts as to the divinity of any man,  be so arrogantly and dishonestly portrayed by others as presuming to improve upon  God's word in way of personal editor?  Well I guess the means justifies the end and after all he's dead and past caring. I've no doubt he was duped by the " age of reason" slop served up by godless, god of their own, progressives of the age, but I too lived my youth drinking out of the same trough of liberal hogwash and to this day live with regret and the ongoing consequential reminders of my own stupidity. So to say the least, a little grace and sensitivity to our own perverted tendencies to render a person a tool of our own making, should be the foremost of prime consideration as it was in the life of Thomas Jefferson.

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