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When The Left Is Right

I was recently introduced to a thriller called "Arlington Road" by my son after also watching a PBS documentary on the Oklahoma bombing. I've just recently been watching tube stuff more than I've been reading. I'm a just a little bit confused as to how the left became the right, or to be more precise how conservative suddenly became right wing racist with a splash of white supremacy Christianity thrown in for embellishment. A slick bit of propaganda for sure. I tend to lean towards the sarcastic far more than I sometimes should, but the outright mockery on both sides of our political arena seems to be substantiated by nothing more than mantras fed by propagating machines to a gullible mass more than willing to splash them all over social media [FB]. 

The Hitler label is a favorite one. We all seem to somehow be Hitler-like when in reality Hitler was like us. He was a big fan of a lot of our political solutions and agendas. We'll see some in a bit. I'm going to just highlight some of our historical  background to shed some clarity on our white supremacy legacy without a lot of commentary.

1619- Arrival of the first slaves in America, England forbids states the right to abolish slavery until the "Declaration of Independence"
1787- US Constitution written. 3/5ths clause Article 1, Section 2 allows southern slave owners to count slaves towards representation to almost double representatives  in congress - 50,000 slaves instead of 30,000 for 1 representative - slavery was already abolished by most northern states

1789- Northwest Ordinance prohibits slavery in Federal Territories. This consequently allows Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to come into the Union as free states.

1808-  Congress abolishes slave trade

1820- Most Founding Fathers  are dead and Jefferson's Party, the Democrats are majority party in Congress. The Missouri Compromise is passed reversing the Northwest Ordinance enabling slavery in half the Federal Territories. For the first time Congress promotes slavery since the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

1850- Fugitive Slave Law passed - Northerners to return fugitive slaves or pay huge fines. Democrats are controlling party. Free blacks in the North are kidnapped and taken to the South to be sold into slavery. 20,000 free blacks flee to Canada. Undergroud railroad is formed.

1854- Democratic Congress passes Kansas-Nebraska act allowing slavery where it was previously forbidden.

May of 1854- Anti-slavery Democrats, Free Soilers, Whigs, and Emancipationists  form a new party, the Republicans, to fight slavery and promote equal rights for Americans, and to promote a return to the principles of the Republic and Founding Fathers.

1856- Republicans enter their first presidential race with John Freemont and William L. Dalton. Their first party platform consisted of 9 planks; of which 6 were for black equality and civil rights.

1856- James Buchanan, Democrat, defends slavery platform stating "All efforts of the abolitionists are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous effects and all such efforts have an inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people."   

1857- Democratic led Supreme Court gives us the Dredd Scott Decision reducing Blacks to property without any legal recourse as persons. This was duplicated by Hitler's court making Jews non-people. Supreme Court Judge Roger Scott Taney, stated " Blacks had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and ... the Negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit."

1860- Lincoln is the Republicans candidate running against Stephen Douglas. The Republicans plank blasted the Dredd Scott Decision and Fugitive Slave Law and announced it's goal to end slavery and win civil rights for blacks. Democrat's platform praises the Fugitive Slave Law and Dredd Scott Decision handing out copies of the former.

1860- The election splits the Democrat Party. Both sides support slavery but the North is against secession. Northern Democrats support Douglas while the South supports John C. Breckenridge. Lincoln wins with just 40% of the popular vote and 59% of the electoral vote. Democratic response - Southern Democrats left Congress and took their states forming a nation they described as "The Slave Holding Confederate States of America". Northern Democrats support slavery and are opposed to civil rights but strongly oppose secession.

1862- Republicans abolish slavery in Washington D.C.

1863- Republicans issue The Emancipation Proclamation freeing all the slaves in the southern states

Republican majority starts passing civil rights laws. S.99 Secures equality in the courts for black people; before this they were not allowed to testify and couldn't bring suit so they were excluded from the legal process.

1864- S.145 gets blacks equal pay in the military - Senate HR establishes Freedman's Bureau.

1864- George McClellan runs against Lincoln for president. Campaign rhetoric comprised "nearly 1 million white men have been sacrificed --- Lincoln has declared his intention to convert it [the war] into a forcible abolition and negro equality socially and politically.

1864- Republican platform promotes 13th Amendment. Congress has 200 members, 118 republicans and 82 democrats, w/137 voting to prohibit slavery. All the republicans and 19 democrats voted to end slavery.

1865- Civil War is ended - Reconstruction begins. 2-12-1865; the first African American, Henry Highland Garnet, speaks in the halls of Congress. 

Side note: 12-4-1800 Congress authorizes church services to be held in the capital. By 1867 the largest church in Washington was the Capital.  

1865- 11 Southern States take an oath of loyalty to the laws [civil rights] by swearing on not only the Bible and God but on the Holy Evangely of God [Jesus].

1867- July 4th in Houston Texas the Republican Party was founded by 120 Blacks and 20 Whites. For a few years Republicans were the majority party of most Southern States and moved quickly to protect voting rights, prohibit segregation, establish public education, open public transportation, state police, and schools to black Americans.

Black Republicans in State Legislatures: Texas 42, Louisiana 95 Representatives and the first 32 Senators, Alabama 103 Representatives, Mississippi 112, Florida 30, S. Carolina 190, N. Carolina 30, Virginia 46, Georgia 40.
Democratic response was not to honor the laws they swore to and said slaves may be free but not citizens of their states.

14th Amendment was passed giving citizenship to the freed slaves in the state in which they lived. Not a single Democrat voted for the 14th Amendment. Now blacks can be elected to the Federal government.

 1872-Currier and Ives present the "1st Seven Blacks", picturing former slaves that attained Federal seats in Congress. See "Neglected Voices" website for speeches presented by the 1st 23 congressmen. You might need a dictionary. 

15th Amendment passed : Blacks cannot be denied the right to vote because of color.

1861 to 1875- 23 civil rights laws are passed by a Republican controlled Congress.

1866- A wing of the Democrat party is formed - the Ku Klux Klan - to prevent Republicans from gaining office. They terrorize Blacks with floggings and public hangings and promise relief only if they promise not to vote Republican with violation resulting in death.

1868- In S. Carolina the KKK push card [picture of Republican members of legislature - 50 black and 13 white with names on the back] was used to identify potential targets. After the Reconstruction period 4800 republicans were hanged, 1300 white, 3500 black.

1871- Federal law passed to punish Klan violence.

1876- Democrats regain partial control with a majority in the House. Violence in the South escalates. It will be 89 years before another civil rights law is passed.

1892- Democrats regain control with the Presidency, Senate and House. They repeal all the civil rights laws, the Klan laws, the force laws, and anti-segregation laws. They introduce the Black codes, poll tax, property tax, and grandfather clause. 11 ways to keep Blacks from voting - Literary tests 20 pages long, hide and seek polling places for Republican booths to keep people from finding them and considerable voter fraud.

1910- 40,000 KKK members march in Washington. KKK thrives in the 20's 30's & 40's.

1920- "Birth of a Nation"- 1st movie in the White House, with Democrat Woodrow Wilson as President, depicts the Klan as heroes saving the South. Former President Teddy Roosevelt had appointed a number of blacks to office and was criticized for inviting Booker T. Washington to come to the White House. Wilson removed all black appointees. Hitler was alive and well and very impressed.

1928- Democratic Presidential campaign handout reads as follows: " What happened when the Republican party was in power in Alabama". 
" If you believe in white supremacy vote the strait Democrat on November 6th." 
Hitler was alive and well and very impressed.

Dwight D. Eisenhower [Republican] submits Civil Rights Bill and Voting Rights Act. Both are killed in Congress by the chairman of the judiciary, a Democrat.. Riots in Birmingham during John F. Kennedy's term prompt him to re-introduce  Eisenhower's bills. Kennedy is assassinated. 

1964- Civil Rights Bill passes under Lyndon Johnson. Democrats need a simple majority. They have 315 members but come up short with only 198 or 62% of their party. Republicans vote is 83%. Shame on the 17% of partisan Republicans that didn't vote yes because of politics.  

60's -The beginning of the liberal landslide. Evolution replaces God in the Public Schools, teenage illegitimate birthrates and drug use explode, Democratic party dives into a Socialist Utopian deluge with the Republicans following suit, but at a slower pace. Abortion is legalized. Still true to the democratic position that some people are property to do and dispose of as they see fit. Black Americans make up 11% of the population with a disproportional amount [ 35%] of the abortions in our country. For every 100 births, 53 black Americans are victims of abortion keeping Margaret Sanger's legacy alive. To take an objective look at socialism and the welfare whiplash on black families would take another thread of history to unravel dating back to the early 1700's. So here we are left with a Democratic flip-flop tactic of laying the blame on the party that was formed in response to their blemish on society leaving them floundering on the rocks of their own ingenuity. 

This has been just a legislative peek at our white supremacy heritage. To get a greater perspective on all of the political battlefields and the war on slavery you'll need to dig into our Christian heritage, which means going back to pre-revisionist historical accounts not based on our present proletarian guided versions that allow only an economic cause and effect account. Prepare for your eyes to be opened and find a rich black history with heroes of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. It's one of which Black Americans are not always portrayed as victims. It's history enough to fill several posts if I can find the time, or better yet, if you find the time.   
                                                                                                            David Barton of Wallbuilders is the best resource I've found for American History. He owns over 100,000 original documents from before 1812. Definitely the best source for American Black History.  Find out more at this link ---  

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