Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Long and Short of It

It's Mothers Day and I just have to scrutinize my wife's motherly and wifely attributes. In other words I'm going to give you the long and short of it. She's a might short in stature but awfully big in character. Her early circumstances as regards family life were somewhat lacking in love and care and still she's the most caring person I know. She regards difficult situations not as excuses but opportunity for change. She believes in long prayers not because she's wordy but because the needs are lengthy. Her time with the Lord exceeds that of many. Her woman's cave is filled with journals full of thoughts and notes from her study. Her poetry flows out of her like a river because she fills herself so abundantly with the word. She loves my daughter unconditionally, declaring whole days as princess movie days. She gets her to do things I can never do and I watch in amazement as they head outside doing all these girly things. My wife is big on expectations but not short on love. Today she'll be inundated with texts from our grand-kids. She's not the normal grandmother. She's real. She has encouragement that accompanies the expectations. My wife loves my son Gabe. It's kinda like getting a double dose of me. Okay, now let's throw in Seth, our other son, and she should be going over the edge. She's not! She dreams of family togetherness, the kind she didn't get when she was a child. She chooses to give what she didn't get. Our other two lovely daughters are a living testament to motherhood because they took the best of her and ran with it. Her fondest hope is that they will out distance her and embody the truest picture of motherhood.  She's my perfect wife, my biggest fan with my music. She's not a rocker but somehow in her eyes my rock is different. She loves my mom and is in contact with her almost daily. If I don't get her the valentine she's still secure in my love for her. Actually, her cards are so much better than anything you can buy, that I'll use that as my excuse. In looking at the over all picture I'd have to say my wife is short on short-comings, and long on virtue [that means all the good and important stuff], and there you have it, the long and short of it. This is why it's Mothers Day.

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