Wednesday, January 19, 2011


     It would appear I'm somewhat at odds with my socialist friends. Yes, I have a few friends, inclusive of which  I fondly refer to as my deluded dreamers. Actually, I'm quite at odds with their father [He told big whoppers too!] Yes, I believe in that fairy tale out of the Bible about that really, really bad angel. But before the laughter gets too carried away, take a moment to think about my what DD's believe." We came from a rock,[ by blind chance after a huge cosmic burp and billions and trillions of years later][they keep needing more time] and we became homo homosapiens, not to be oppressed and repressed by anything so ridiculous as natural law or a lawgiver when we are smart enough to make our own rules. Wow! Christians are made fun of for the virgin birth while something even more amazing was born, and I've even got to watch it grow up. Here it is folks, no strings attached, based on the best atheistic, absolutlessssss, evolutionary, whatever way the wind blows, humanistic philosophic masterpiece ------------ The Means Justifies the End Crowd!!!! Actually, I don't think they were born by chaos or blind chance. 

     And although it [ the I am god see me bore delusion] does appeal to my more abased,selfish,greedy nature it still runs contrary to reason. This naturally might seem strange to someone not walking under God's covering. Anyway, I need my absolutes as much as you absolutelessers [I made that word up --- cute huh!] do and believe me they have more than their share. I love their logic. I say " Stealing is wrong, period, you know one of those absolutes". They say "What if someone stole because they were starving?" This is a slick ploy. I thought we were talking about stealing, not the motive for stealing. Stealing isn't motive. It's an act not a reason. Motive doesn't negate the act buts allows opportunity for correction. Still, sometimes they don't get it til someone steals their car stereo. And, still not deterred, they charge ahead [this proves they can multiply].When someone does something really bad against someone that's different [I think we're all a little different --- but they have the wisdom to decipher these difficult categories ---- remember they're the homo homosapiens] that's really hateful! This could be triple bad killing someone hatefully. I'm still wondering how you kill someone any other way. So now we've got murder the crime, [I'm going out on a limb and saying that's absolutely wrong --- stupid fundamentalist] motive,[accompanied with a good dose of hate] and our specially designated group of perpetrators carefully chosen by our homo homosapien friends. One law, identical motive, two punishments equates to target practice for our DD friends. Can we all say bullseye! You can if you're in the cross hairs of our DD friends. But then, how can we all be equal under the eyes of the law when the law is just the floating crap table of our DD friends. Apparently, they're the real authorities on hate, therefore the more able to dole it out accordingly. This could all be somewhat disconcerting if we weren't assured that the means will justify the end.

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