Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fundamentalism and Basketball

What I am is fundamental. What I'm not is a writer or a computer addict. My wife set me up with e-mail --- I've never checked it. I'm only doing this now because of the confusion created by an unscrupulous social engineering constituency bent on discrediting the Bible in favor of a relative based socialized indoctrination into a Godless self-indulgent society by a biased, accommodating press. 

Taking your definition of fundamentalist from the newspaper is like hiring a drunk to chauffeur your family through town, daily, as they see to the routine of daily affairs. The word fundamentalist comes from a document in the 1920s called the five fundamentals of the faith. 1. The deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2.  The virgin birth, 3.The blood atonement, 4. The bodily resurrection, 5. The inerrancy of the scriptures. These are what used to be the unifying ties that bonded the Church together, thus making it clear why it is so urgent for these people to discredit this bond. Why this is so hidden from our church leadership is multi-fold, so I'll talk about basketball instead.

Basketball also has fundamentals ---- 1. Dribbling, 2. Passing, 3. Shooting, 4. Guarding, all of which if were tampered with, one would immediately hear the cry "Foul!  These are the fundamentals ----- It's not basketball if you don't have to dribble.'' Well, why can't you shoot at whatever basket you like? Why can't I pass to the referee? Why do we need a referee??? Now that' a good question! Why all the boundaries? It's simple ---- because it wouldn't be basketball without them. All I'm saying is you can reform Christianity all you want, create God in your image [why not return the favor], but don't expect me to call a dead cow anything but what it is. Conformity to an implacable relativistic ideal is not unity, rather it's akin to trying to hold smoke in your hand. Here's a thought ---- restoration [not reformation] on a foundation given us by Jesus alone.

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