Saturday, January 22, 2011

While We Were Sleeping

     Where did they come from? Well, although it's not obvious to most  of us, in our country it was spawned in the environment of a free-thinking, CREATED with inalienable rights, Biblically based REPUBLIC, with the ideology of a self-governing people in covenant with a Holy God. While obviously being founded on Christian principles, and in fact a Christian nation, we were not a Christian state where government imposed a forced doctrine. And to the dismay of many, as to freedom of religion, Christianity was the only thing on the menu apart from a remnant of Jews. Our founding fathers, having based our government on precepts pulled out of scripture, built a moral foundation which as Robert Winthrop said "Here, under our own free institutions, it is Religion [Christianity] which must support the State." Just a reminder ---- there were just under 300  of which historians considered Founding Fathers. Yes, There were a few real deists I don't have to expound on as they get most of the coverage, along with the made up deists, in the modern revisionist history books [Remember this is okay because ["the end justifies the means"].  Anyway, my point is this ideological playground was created by the freedoms inherent with the Judeo-Christian heritage we ALL share. This provided the environment for experiments like Robert Owen's, complete with most of the socialist trimmings. Still, his and numerous others, some currently operating today, ultimately fail, or in their eyes, almost worked. If we just woulda, coulda, shoulda. We need to note, at this point, that many of our friends here have the best of intentions and are the result of a long process of conditioning that we need to help them explore. Also, when we get to digging down far enough to see the root of this noxious, odious, parasitic blite on a society already struggling to maintain a virtuous, moral, environment worthy of passing on to our children, it's interesting to note they always seem to be atheists bonded together in the absolute certainty that God doesn't exist.

     So, the question is, how do you overthrow this revoltingly offensive idea that there might be some rules to be obeyed and a God to answer to? Well,on 9-12-1905 Jack London, Thomas Higginson, J.G. Phelps Stokes, Clarence Darrow, and Upton Sinclair formulated a plan to promote Karl Marx's theory of "the dictatorship of the proletariat" using  the well proven method of gradualism [This means a sneaky manner of ensnaring people into something they would never consciously accept].  In seven years there were chapters in 44 colleges, by the mid-thirty's, 125 chapters with John Dewey [ the godfather of progressive education] vice-president of the league. Just a thought, this could be part of the reason people are ever increasingly pulling their children out the Public Sewer System. Of course, this is going to make them targets by our ever so dear diversity [ you know, the end justifies the means ---- my way or the highway ----we respect every one's view, really!] crowd.. As long as we're talking about the propagation of this man's teachings it would be prudent to take a brief look at this person's life [I refuse to use the word man in reference to someone so clearly void of manly traits]. He had six children, three of which died of starvation and two that chose suicide. He died in 1883 with only six attending the funeral. As a Christian, we are compelled into discernment of persons, by scripture, as to their fruit. How thirty percent of the world's population came to be under the bondage of a  person's philosophy who watched  his own children starve is beyond my comprehension. Still his  Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto are revered as such to our deluded dreamers comparably as the Ten Commandment's are to Christians. None of these are surprising to anyone living in America today except in their connection to their authorship. 1. The abolishment of public property. 2. A Heavy or graduated income tax 3. Abolish rights of inheritance 4. Confiscation of property rights 5. Central bank 6. Government ownership of communication and transportation 7.Government ownership of factories and agriculture 8. Government control of labor 9. Corporate farms and regional planning 10,Free education [indoctrination] for all children in public schools. How we got here is obvious. It's called "educational malpractice"[ failure to teach the Fundamentals which under gird living in our self-governing society]. Entrusting education to government controlled indoctrinating centers [ The Public Sewer System], infiltrated by our Godless socialist sabotuers, is disastrous. I've lived long enough to see the devastating results. We all recognize the ten planks as firmly embedded into our laws. Purposeful negligence in the education of our own religious heritage and the unconstitutionally invasive attacks perpetrated by the very same people we elected speak only to the shame of negligence on our part as participants and protectors of our freedoms.

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Hmmm... This doesn't seem politically correct, Uncle. Careful not to ruffle any feathers. You might just force some poor soul to pull their head out of the sand... God forbid!!